Anastasia is an interdisciplinary artist who’s goal is to create understandable and fundamentally empowering work that speaks with a feminist voice, and has capacity to inspire critical dialogue. She choses to focus on craft, specifically jewellery and metalsmithing because she believes the common understanding or function of an object and/or its relationship to the body allows her to create conceptual art that is accessible.

Obtaining her BFA (interdisciplinary) from NSCAD University in 2018, Pindera received various awards including: the Arthur Lismer Award for Academic Excellence, L.A Pai Gallery: Annual National Jewellery Competition (finalist) and the NSCAD Starfish Awards (jewellery and metalsmithing finalist).

Her politically-focused art practice has brought her work to exhibit internationally and inspired a diverse range of projects from her participation in craft shows (contemporary jewellery) to the execution of curatorial projects and immersive installations.

In 2019, Pindera completed an urban invention mosaic mural titled, '‘Reconstrucción’ (about and in collaboration with survivors of domestic abuse), during her time at the MARIA KUNTS Casa Taller residency (Argentina). Currently, she continues to travel and research in South America — in search of further inspiration and a deeper understanding of the world around her.